Set amongst a copse of gnarled indigenous Moonah Trees, the beach-side residence’s plant was planned around retention of the trees, thereby becoming the highlight and providing the architectural response. The use of timber is extensive throughout, exhibiting the timber’s rich hues to imbue a warm and evocative interior, and allowing the exterior timber to grey and seamlessly integrate into the coastal landscape.

The merging of the outdoor with the indoor is clear also in the use of the products: our timber Kalea chairs upholstered with a leather seat are in perfect accordance with the textured feel of this abode. The whitened oak of the chairs recalling the greyness of the trees gives the perception of the flowing of time as the wearing of the exterior timber, lending a taste of lived experiences to the house.

It’s a residence purposely designed to be subservient to its exposed seaside environment in which the context puts the occupants in the center of harsh coastal conditions – a stimulating refuge, while still being a bluntly beach house.

Pictured: Bedont Kalea chair
Photo by Shannon Mcgrath
Project designed by Hayball