The first letter of the alphabet is the inspiration behind the new 20.20 collection. The designers Lorenz+Kaz started from the classic “h” silhouette, which in the collective imagination represents the object chair, and added the backrest in the point where the front legs intersect with the rear ones, resulting in a “A” profile.

Each part is cut from both curved and straight ash veneered multi-ply plywood, and is absolutely formaldehyde free. This kind of wood is functional to obtaining geometries otherwise impossible with solid wood, in fact, multi-ply wood allows for material continuity where parts should be joined together. The four bolts placed between the backrest and the legs make the disassembling of the chair possible, contributing to a correct circular waste management at the end of its life cycle. The strength of this product lays in the impeccable balance of the forms that makes this chair perfect for every environment, both domestic and commercial.

Bedont 20.20 essenza matt brushed ash 1

We thought about a threefold declination for the 20.20 chair:
1. _ESSENZA: uncompromising pure design;
2. _PAD: for those who loves upholstered seats;
3. _SOFT: for those who wants to further enrich the chair with an upholstered backrest and play with colourful fabrics and timber finishes.
Everything strictly in the name of comfort.